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International coaching icon, Carolin Soldo, shares 3 easy steps to bring in more clients using a sales follow up process.

When conducting sales calls in business, it’s very common for potential clients to express interest in a product or service at a future date. Sometimes, prospects aren’t’ ready to say yes. They need time to remove doubts, get finances in order, or have more free time. Without an effective follow up process, those warm leads can be lost or forgotten.

After more than ten years of experience in the coaching industry, Carolin Soldo recommends consistently pursuing warm leads to take pressure off marketing efforts. These prospects have already shown interest in your product or service, meaning you don’t need to constantly find new people. Carolin Soldo’s method also makes for an amazing customer experience because potential clients aren’t being pressured on the spot to make the purchase, and they come into the business when they’re ready.

“I personally went from trying to sell my customers on the spot to giving them a little bit more time as needed, “said Carolin Soldo. “Not only was I able to bring more leads and customers into my business, I was also able to build better relationships with my community, with my followers, and increase my brand loyalty as well.”

No matter the niche, implement the following three steps from Carolin Soldo to quickly build a sales follow up process.

1. Follow up Cadence

Carolin Soldo suggests a follow up at four and eight weeks, where you can offer a freebie and check-in on their current needs. Twelve weeks after the initial phone call, consider sending a brochure or letter with more information. At the sixteen week mark, reach out one final time in a simple call or text message. Carolin Soldo notes that the prospect can contact you now. At this point they might follow you on social media and can be added to a general email list.

2. Create a Tracking Mechanism

Track client information with their name, email, and check-in dates. You can use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to build an amazing spreadsheet that will help you stay organized throughout the entire process.

3. Reset Your Mind

Sales is a very energetic field of business where you decide how to convey your message. Replace nervous feelings with positive vibes and get excited about the opportunity. Carolin Soldo recommends preparing yourself to enter an amazing state of mind. Feel genuine curiosity about the new person on the other side of the email, phone call, or video. The potential client will be able to feel the passion and energy, which makes for an amazing follow up.

Carolin Soldo’s reviews speak wonders for her proven success in business. She has worked with thousands of clients from around the world, and has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, and others. Carolin Soldo earned her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Buffalo and is now a happily married mother of two. You can view Carolin Soldo’s reviews on her website at: www.carolinsoldo.com