Steps to Successfully Coach Employees and Improve Performance with Carolin Soldo

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Anyone who runs a business knows how important it is to motivate employees to strive hard and achieve more, especially those who are underperforming. Not only does this benefit the business as a whole by increasing performance, driving up sales and maximising profits, it’s also extremely beneficial for the employee in question, who will learn valuable skills, develop work ethic and confidence. But what’s the best and most effective way of efficiently coaching employees to achieve their full potential? Carolin Soldo, an award-winning coach, has this to share.


Create Mutual Trust and Meet on the Same Level

Like any interpersonal relationship, trust is a key factor in creating and maintaining harmony. “If no trusts exists between a manager and employee,” Carolin Soldo says. “Then coaching will be next to impossible.” It’s important that when you speak to your employee, you do so as an equal. Regardless of the fact that you may be a manager or in a higher position than them, when motivating them to do more, you should speak to them personally and set the company hierarchy aside.


Explain the Problem Clearly

Carolin Soldo insists that communication is vitally important during coaching; it goes without saying. Clearly explain why something needs to change, the process that will be used to change it, as well as the reason for change and the rewards involved upon completion. Merely telling an employee to do a task doesn’t cut it; they should have a fundamental understanding of the task at hand to enhance their problem solving skills and give them the confidence they need to perform effectively.


Determine what, if any, Impediments Exist

If something is getting in the way of your employee’s work, now’s the time to find out. During this phase of coaching it’s important to approach with empathy. Under no circumstances should you provoke or cause your employee to get defensive – it’ll only hinder progress. According to Carolin Soldo, four common barriers that impede an employ are time, training, resources and attitude. If your employee is lacking in one of these areas, discover which one it is, break down that barrier and ensure that the missing amenities are now available.


Discuss Potential Solutions and Agree on a Plan of Action

One you’ve identified the problem, discuss strategies will the employee can use to overcome the problem and improve their performance. This can take the form of goal-setting or promotional incentives (for example). Once you’ve done this, agree to a written plan of action which the employee can follow to execute the results. Carolin Soldo insists that writing things done is one of the most effective ways of following through, meeting deadlines and improving performance.