Self Care Tips for the 21st Century Entrepreneur with Carolin Soldo

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Carolin Soldo - Self Care Tips for the 21st Century Entrepreneur

Today’s world and ability to be connected all the time can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed and overworked, and the result is often that you yourself can get neglected and left at the wayside. It’s for that reason that Carolin Soldo, an award-winning life coach, recommends that everyone practice self-help to ensure that they don’t burn out and are always at their optimal performance. Below we’ll take a look at some easy tips to help take care of yourself.

Avoid Overthinking

“Sometimes the problem isn’t the problem.” Carolin Soldo says. “But rather the way you think about the problem.” Becoming over-analytical about every detail is a fast way to burn out without reaching any solutions to problems you may or may not have. It’s for that reason that it’s encouraged to stop overthinking altogether. Step away from your problems, breathe, meditate, forget about them for one second and then look at them with clarity and a greater sense of perspective. Often you’ll find that the problem you were burning so much energy fretting over, is not as big as you initially thought.

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

The world is a big place, filled with many people doing different things. If you compare yourself to anyone, the only thing you’re going to bring upon yourself is sadness and regret. According to Carolin Soldo, just because you’re not as skilled in a language as someone else, or can’t play the guitar as well, doesn’t mean you don’t have skills that would make anyone else jealous. Everyone has a variety of talents, and the only person you should be comparing yourself with is yourself.

Eat Well

Your diet plays a huge part in your wellbeing. Carolin Soldo says that if you’re eating terribly, you’re going to feel terrible. Therefore, one of the fastest and most effective ways that you can take control is by changing your diet. Eat whole foods, fresh foods – if it comes in a box, has been processed or preserved, ditch it. By eating a variety of vegetables, fruits, and proteins and getting rid of fast food, you’ll see a sharp improvement in your mood, the way your body functions and your mental faculties.