How Webinars Can Help Grow Your Coaching Business with Carolin Soldo

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Carolin Soldo

As a coach or consult you often rely on a consistent and steady stream of new clients to help grow your business.

A lot of the time this is achieved through referrals from other clients, or perhaps unwittingly through word-of-mouth tactics. While this is never a bad thing, these referrals are likely to be more of the same kind of client and unlikely to bag you a massive contract. However, there is a solution. According to Carolin Soldo, a coach who has been successfully active for over ten years, webinars are an indispensable tool for attracting high-value clients for a particular niche or field.


Webinars are ideal for reaching large numbers of potential clients

Unlike a traditional sales pitch which typically sees you pitching to either a single person or a small group, webinars have staggering reach. They let you attract massive numbers of qualified clients who are searching for your services. According to Carolin Soldo, they also speak directly to each individual who watches it, allowing you to enroll the exact type of client that you’re looking for. And because you’re marketing to so many clients at once, you can redistribute your time and effort to focus on delivering great coaching. As opposed to diverting your attention to marketing.


Webinars give you trust and authority

Before a client has signed on with you, it’s hard for them to gauge just how good you are or how valuable the services are that you can offer them. Webinars change all of that. “Webinars allow you to build up relationships with prospective clients by showing that you understand the challenges of their industry and how to tackle them.” Carolin Soldo says. “By demonstrating that you understand these problems, you’re also providing value to your clients before you’ve even taken them on. This establishes you as a person of authority.”


Webinars allow you to sell through storytelling

“Informational sales pitches are boring.” Carolin Soldo insists. “No one wants to look at graphs and have figures barked at them.” Webinars circumnavigate this by allowing you to identify problems and viable solutions and present it in a way that is engaging and thoughtful. You’re not limited to the spreadsheets and pie charts, but can instead really grip clients with case studies. Enchant them with your personal journey, and use any number of analogies or metaphors to build value while erring towards a sale. It’s the difference between reading an accountant’s ledger and watching a movie. One will put you to sleep, the other will have you buying a ticket.