How to Find a Mentor with International Coaching Icon, Carolin Soldo

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Carolin Soldo

Carolin Soldo’s reviews are a testament to her techniques for finding an excellent coaching mentor.

Searching the internet for an experienced coach can be exhausting and overwhelming. Social media advertising has made it easier than ever to see plenty of options, but how can you really tell if a business mentor is right for you?

Over the years, hundreds of clients have chosen Carolin Soldo and her team as they look for guidance to grow their own coaching businesses. Carolin Soldo’s reviews show happy clients from around the world who trust her expertise and have seen her methods work in real life. Now, Carolin Soldo is ready to help you find the perfect business mentor.

1. Background & Motivation

Take a look at their background, education, motivation, and experience. Find out why they’re in business and what core values they stand for. Make sure they have the necessary qualifications to be providing expertise, and research the results they’ve gotten.

Carolin Soldo brings over ten years of experience as an entrepreneur and coach, working with thousands of clients from around the world. She also obtained a master’s degree in business, and now offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

2. Qualifications

Find a mentor that is selective with who they work with. A good fit is a two way street, so it’s important to share your goals and mindset. Carolin Soldo’s reviews from happy clients show that this technique is one of the most important, to ensure those goals can be met in the mentorship.

3. Documented Proof of Success

The number one goal of any program or mentorship is to see client results. There should be a library of testimonials, case studies, and documented successes available. Take a look at Carolin Soldo’s reviews which are listen on her website at This is a great example of what documented proof looks like!

4. Necessary Systems

You should find a coach or mentor that has a signature system. You want to make sure they have a very comprehensive approach so they can take the guesswork out of getting you results. In Carolin Soldo’s programs, every step is created with intention. A strategic system will optimize their chances to hit their goals and have real results. Carolin Soldo’s reviews are glowing with positive feedback from her signature modules, pillars, and phases.

5. Support

Carolin Soldo is no stranger to the idea of accountability. According to Carolin Soldo’s reviews, clients have received amazing results due to 1:1 support. Group sessions can still provide wonderful results, however there’s just nothing quite like personalized instruction based on your needs.