Confidently Launch Your Coaching Business with Carolin Soldo’s 4 Pillars of Success

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Confidently Launch Your Coaching Business with Carolin Soldo’s 4 Pillars of Success


Carolin Soldo - Launch Your Coaching BusinessCarolin Soldo – Attract Premium Clients by Building a Solid Business Foundation

Carolin Soldo is known as “The Fairy Godmother of Coaches”, but she didn’t get that nickname right away. She began her coaching career in the health and fitness industry but found the first 18 months of business to be extremely difficult. After spending thousands on various systems that were not properly serving her, Carolin found a high-end mentor who helped her find the problem – the foundation.

Within 30 days of constructing a solid business foundation, Carolin Soldo landed her first premium client. Now she shares the Four Pillars of Success you need to lay your foundation and kick start your coaching business.  


Have a Transformation

Potential clients need to know the exact transformation service you are offering. They’re looking to change some aspect of their lives whether that be in their relationships, business, or health. You should be able to tell your client the exact changes that will happen when they’re done working with you. The answer isn’t a happier life or even more money, rather how your client will think, perform, and feel.

“When you think about your marketing message, it’s all about where they are now and where they want to go,” says Carolin Soldo. “Where they want to go is your transformation, and that is everything in your business.”


Know Your Niche says, Carolin Soldo

Think of your ideal client and their characteristics. You should determine their age, demographics, interest, and life stage, to name a few. As long as these characteristics apply to your industry, be clear on them.

“Once you know this client inside and out, you can communicate to them on webinars, websites, emails, Facebook posts, or videos and be very, very compelling,” says Carolin Soldo. “They will feel like you’re speaking to them. You get them.”


Create a Message

After successfully completing step one and two, your message should flow easily. You will be able to talk to potential clients in a compelling manner through your website, webinars, and videos. Pay attention to how you speak, and let the words flow naturally.


Develop a Premium Package

Building a uniquely branded system allows you to offer premium packages. Have a crystal clear explanation of your phases, pillars, and your specific process for transforming a client. A coach doesn’t overwhelm a client with everything on day one. Take them on a path with milestones to see changes come slowly over time.


With Carolin Soldo’s Four Pillars of Success, you can confidently begin pursuing your dreams. She has more than 10 years of industry experience in addition to being featured on Forbes, Fast Company, and others. Carolin Soldo earned her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Buffalo and is now happily married mother of two.

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