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Carolin Soldo - Hidden Gem on YouTube
Carolin Soldo

Online Coaching Guru Helps You Starts Your Own Business

Becoming an online coach can feel like a daunting task, but Carolin Soldo has made starting your own business easier than ever by offering mini crash courses on her YouTube channel. These courses cover everything from simply having the right mindset to social media marketing and more. Her creative content is useful to both beginners and more experienced professionals in the industry.

With over 6,000 subscribers, Carolin Soldo’s channel is a hidden gem in the online coaching world. Her business guides translate across numerous industries by offering practical advice for achieving professional objectives. Her short, relatable videos are easy to understand and fun to follow along. New videos are posted every Wednesday, perfect for that mid-week pick me up. Carolin’s channel even shares links to additional resources such as webinars and classes, most of which are free!

In the digital age, the internet provides access to valuable information. However, people should also be wary of widespread misinformation. New entrepreneurs can trust Carolin Soldo, who has years of personal experience building multi-7 businesses, including her own. From laying the foundation of your company to hiring your very own team, Carolin provides advice for every step in the process.

For those looking to take the next step in their professional lives, Carolin provides two programs that launch online coaching careers into success: Brand Your Passions and The Powerhouse Coach. Her international coaching business was awarded the 2018 Stevie Silver Winner by American Business Awards, and she has been featured numerous times on Forbes.

Carolin Soldo’s reviews speak wonders to her proven techniques, which provide the necessary tools to not only create a personal brand identity but also help generate high monthly income. Video testimonials from clients boast that her methods really do work. Take a peek at all the positive feedback found on her website!

According to, one happy client states – “Carolin knows what she is talking about. Don’t jump ahead of her. Don’t try to improve upon what she told you. Don’t complicate it. Just do it.”

Carolin Soldo’s passion is truly contagious, inspiring people around the world to create realistic goals and seize dreams. She wants to help others reach extreme success without sacrificing true happiness or family. Caroline now leads a team of 14 charismatic individuals that believe in her coaching style and worldwide impact.

If you are looking to build your skill set and confidence, visit Carolin Soldo’s YouTube channel found here: