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Carolin Soldo

With over a decade of experience, the so-called fairy godmother of coaches, Carolin Soldo, boasts an expansive knowledge of the world of coaching.

This knowledge and experience, as well as a love for her international coaching network, has driven Carolin Soldo to help countless men and women achieve their goals in life. As an entrepreneur and through her coaching and events work, Soldo was a self-made millionaire by the age of 35 and is now a well-respected mentor to the wider coaching community.

“I’m often referred to as the fairy godmother of coaches,” reveals a beaming Soldo. “My passion is to create success ripples by empowering others to bring their own passions to the world. I reached my goal to become a millionaire by the age of 35, and since then I’ve devoted myself to helping others to grow their businesses and achieve their own dreams.”

Carolin Soldo has scaled numerous multi-million dollar businesses, many with international impact, and has worked with hundreds of start-ups and more established companies, focusing predominantly on the coaching industry.

“Outside of working with businesses, I’ve helped scores of individual clients to leave their jobs, become their own bosses, and, I’d say most importantly of all, do something which they love each and every day,” explains Soldo.

Her own coaching and events business now employs 14 fellow coaches and coaching experts. Soldo and her team have to date worked with thousands of clients from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and many other countries worldwide. Soldo currently boasts over 60,000 social media followers and YouTube subscribers.

Carolin Soldo’s signature training programs include Brand Your Passions and The Powerhouse Coach. Furthermore, Soldo is the host of what she calls “the hottest annual event in the coaching industry” – From Passion to Profits LIVE.

“From Passion to Profits LIVE draws fellow coaches from all around the globe,” reveals Soldo, who has featured on,,, Fast Company, and numerous other major media outlets.

The professional coach has also hosted retreats and events with up to 300 attendees in some of the world’s most luxurious destinations, including Hawaii and Costa Rica. Further retreats hosted by Soldo have been held in Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and as far afield as Scotland.

Carolin Soldo is a proud wife to husband Boris, with whom she founded multi-million dollar manufacturing company Solmac, Inc. in 2006, and mother to two young boys. The coaching and events professional currently resides with her family in Buffalo, New York.

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