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Carolin D Soldo, Carolin Soldo

Renowned online coach, Carolin Soldo, believes in using QuickBooks for your business.

Carolin Soldo

According to Carolin Soldo’s reviews, Carolin Soldo is a proven expert in all things business, including bookkeeping. For a new or growing business, bookkeeping can seem like an impossible task made only for experienced accountants. Many people are very surprised at how simple and easy it can actually be using a tool called QuickBooks Online. […]

Carolin Soldo

Steps to Successfully Coach Employees and Improve Performance with Carolin Soldo

Anyone who runs a business knows how important it is to motivate employees to strive hard and achieve more, especially those who are underperforming. Not only does this benefit the business as a whole by increasing performance, driving up sales and maximising profits, it’s also extremely beneficial for the employee in question, who will learn […]