5 Proven Ways To Get More Visitors to Your Website with Carolin Soldo

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Carolin Soldo - 5 Top Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website

5 Top Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website with Carolin Soldo

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Carolin Soldo

For seasoned professionals and new entrepreneurs alike, international coaching sensation, Carolin Soldo, provides key insight to scoring leads.

Many people think that if they build an amazing website or have a great logo, new clients will naturally come. Unfortunately, compelling content won’t attract leads on their own.  Even optimizing websites and using keywords won’t be enough to make it rise in the ranks of search engines like Google or Yahoo.

While creating a strong online presence is crucial in today’s technology era, what happens next? With more than ten years of experience in the coaching industry, Carolin Soldo shares five strategies that will drive more traffic to your website and bring more clients into your business.


  1. Paid Advertising

As an entrepreneur, you should have a set budget for online marketing and online business tools that allow you to run your organization efficiently and professionally. The beauty of online advertising is the ability to create highly targeted advertising campaigns that can increase website traffic almost immediately, same day.

“You can nowadays run ads on any social media platform,” says Carolin Soldo. “You have to choose which one is best for you, your product, and your niche.”


  1. Use a Major Media Outlet

Create high-value articles intended for popular blogs or media outlets in your niche. Although time-consuming and labor-intensive, Carolin Soldo insists that once you score an opportunity, free traffic will continuously flow to your website. Start by researching new blogs, newspapers, magazines, and online websites that publish contributed articles.

“You’re bound to land some opportunities,” says Carolin Soldo. “Have a professional bio at the end of your article so readers can learn more about you and go to your website.”


  1. Get Booked on a Podcast

Connect on a deeper level through podcasts where potential clients can hear your voice and get to know you. This is a great opportunity to increase traffic by offering free training, guide, or resource by you.

“Most podcasters also allow you to give away a freebie, announce an event, or tell people about your website,” says Carolin Soldo. “Make sure you have something available to tell the audience about.”


  1. Build a YouTube Channel

Attract clients organically through videos on YouTube! People are searching for advice in every industry and they’re looking for answers that your business can provide.

“Launching a YouTube channel is actually not difficult at all,” says Carolin Soldo. “The key to success on YouTube is to optimize your videos around specific keywords and issues, the topics your ideal clients are searching for.”


  1. Create Affiliate Relationships

To begin, Carolin Soldo suggests thinking of all the products and services your ideal client consumes. By networking and building professional relationships, it can be very simple to create win-win partnerships where leads and value can be shared. A potential client is more likely to buy in after being referred by someone they already trust and enjoy working with.

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